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Recently I had the opportunity to train with Glen Wong of Shootmobetta Personalized Performance Coaching in both a group class and personalized one-on-one coaching and it was an outstanding experience.  I particularly like the way he coaches both basics and advanced material as a natural progression, and I saw my draw, controlled pair splits and target transition times all improve dramatically.  I absolutely will schedule more training to come and encourage others to do so as well. Thanks, Coach!

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I bought a new handgun (Springfield XDM 9MM) about 8 years ago.  I’ve shot many guns in the past for hunting and plinking so I thought, how hard could this be.  Well, let me tell you, it’s harder than you think.  Not only the accuracy part but the speed.  Once I started going to a range that offered competition shooting, I realized how much skill it takes to be good at it.

Enter Glen Wong.  Glen is a friend of mine and has many skills - one of them being and excellent shooter and competitor.  He is truly a mentor and a great instructor.  Glen focuses on the basics and provides a good platform for anyone looking to start shooting or to improve whatever skills you may already possess.  Glen has shown me and emphasized the absolute need for a proper stance, grip and trigger control.  Once you learn those three things, he goes on to show you how to increase your speed and movement.

Along with being a competitor himself, Glen has been an instructor with the Tactical Performance Center (TPC) and is always available to impart helpful advice while shooting with others on the range.  Recently, I learned that Glen has started his own instructional shooting company – Shoot Mo Betta, LLC.  So, if you are looking for a great shooting instructor (with infinite patience), Shoot Mo Betta, LLC., is where you want to go.

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Professional Athlete

My name is Jalise Williams. I have 17 national titles in USPSA, IPSC, UML, PCSL, and IDPA. I also broke 9 national records. It is because of Glen Wong that I have achieved this. I've known Glen for 8 years and I first met him at a local Ladies Night Clinic in St. George, Utah. I was 10 years old and I came looking to learn how to shoot a handgun with my sister and mother. He was so kind, helpful, understanding, and respectful to us. Over the course of a year we had lessons a few times a week after school. He taught me the fundamentals and gave me a passion for shooting. After a year of training, I wanted to become a professional shooter. I talked to my family and Glen, and we decided to train full time. Glen volunteered to become the coach. He picked us up every day to go to practice for a few hours a day. 
Although Glen is the greatest coach I have ever encountered, he is the best person I know. He has the kindest heart. He has been there for me through thick and thin. He's helped me overcome so many obstacles in my life. He supported me when I moved away to Alaska to go to welding school for a year. He helped me get back to shooting as soon as I graduated. 
In conclusion, Glen isn't just a coach; he is a friend. He will change your life for the better. I can't imagine where I would be without him. Thank you for your unending support.


Professional Athlete

My name is Justine, and I am 17 years old. I have 24 National Titles in various different shooting sports, and over 100+ level 2 and above titles. I am also a USPSA Production Grandmaster, USPSA PCC Grandmaster, and Steel Challenge PCCO Grandmaster. This is all thanks to the amazing Coach Glen Wong! Glen Wong is truly the best performance coach out there. I have known Glen for about 8 years now and every year is truly a blessing. Glen’s teaching ways are incredible. He creates a very professional environment that everyone enjoys. Glen is also very encouraging, making everyone laugh and always wants the best for his students. Glen keeps things fun and constantly working on developing his teaching skills. I highly recommend him to any level of shooter whether you are looking to get faster, more accurate or more efficient. He will help you increase your performance, skill, and mental game as well! He will truly make you a Mo Betta shooter!

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Competitive Shooter

On January 18th 2020, I was involved in some Advanced pistol training with Glen Wong of "Shoot Mo Betta".  Glen was quick to pick up on areas where I needed improvement.  The training was very organized and comprehensive.  In a short period of live firing training he was able to identify problems, and reduce my draw times, and splits.  He also reworked my grip to increase muzzle flip control.  Before I met with Glen, my shooting improvement had pretty much hit a plateau.  Glen has given me several areas that need improvement with some practice exercises both mental and physical. I would highly recommend Glen, his teaching style is excellent and proven.

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  It's hard to put into words the amazing experience I had with Glen.  He is incredibly , patient, motivating and supportive in his teaching methods.  He helped me from not even hitting the paper at seven yards to hitting a 1inch target at 7 yards.  The other nice thing about Glen is he understands that we grasp concepts differently.  If you didn't understand a concept for example the grip he would take the time to help you understand from a different perspective.  I can truly say he is a Master at his craft. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend a few days with him.  

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I’ve been shooting for quite some time, but I felt like my match performance had plateaued. I was devoting considerable time to improving my skills. I was reading books, dry practicing, taking group classes, and competing. The one thing I wasn’t doing was making progress. I decided that what I needed was coaching, so I gave Glen a call and scheduled a lesson.

What Glen did exceeded my expectations dramatically. I have scheduled private lessons with very good instructors before, and generally you would spend time with them learning what they felt like teaching you. Glen’s approach was totally different. Before we met he analyzed some of my match videos and created a class that was tailored to me. When I met him on the day of class he was beyond prepared. He delivered content that was designed to address my deficiencies. He also provided me with the lesson plan for the day, and taught me concepts that would help me self diagnose my performance. But that wasn’t all…

After class I received a thorough summary of what we had worked on and a detailed list of exercises that I could practice to improve. Glen also continued to analyze my match videos and gave me feedback and drills to keep my improvement on track. It is exactly what I was looking for, and I have already booked another lesson.

If you are serious about getting results, then do yourself a favor and book a lesson with Glen today. It is the single best investment in my shooting performance that I have ever made.

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Even though I have been shooting for quite a long time, over 50 years, none of my previous shooting involved any type of competitive shooting.  When I finally decided to try USPSA shooting I figured I would do fairly well since I had become, what I thought, pretty proficient with a handgun.  Of course I watched a few Youtube videos, so I really knew what I was doing now, right!  Well my eyes were opened very quickly at my first match that this is not as easy as it looks.  If I was going to be proficient at this game I could either struggle for years trying this and that or get some professional help, enter Glen!!

I contacted Glen at the recommendation of a friend, who had also trained with Glen, and highly recommended him.  After my initial email to Glen, which was answered very quickly, he requested I send him a couple of videos of me shooting at a local match.  He immediately gave me feedback and we set up a personalized training session.  Training with Glen was very relaxed as he makes you feel very comfortable and he explains a lot of aspects of the game which already has greatly increase my learning curve of the game.  Another plus with training one on one with Glen is “its all about you” so he can address your specific areas that you need help in.  He gave me an initial training plan geared specifically to the areas I needed improvement in and he also gave me post training notes to reenforce the areas and points we covered so I can continue to focus on the areas I need to work on.  He was very patient and when I struggled to grasp a concept or drill he would come up with another suggestion to help me grasp it.  Being new to the sport he also gave me pointers and suggestions on gear that works for him.  In short I was very happy with my training time with Glen and will be training with him again both in person and via his video training program.  I highly recommend traning with Glen so you can “Shoot Mo Better!"  Thanks so much Glen!!

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I was recommended Glen by some friends who said it helped them a lot with fine tuning their game, and they were not wrong. Glen’s attention to detail and the effort he puts in with every shooter in 1:1 training is really impressive and has given me a lot to take home and work on. I will 100% be coming back in the future!

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I have taken two classes before Glens, and he is by far the best instructor I have ever had. He goes the extra mile to make sure you understand, and complete what you came to learn. Glen also deeply cares about his students. I was blown away when glen was making suggestions about some of my past videos, and giving me notes and ideas to better my performance as a competitive shooter. I have now taken two classes with Glen learning multitudes of things each time and have improved my movement, speed, shot calling, stance, and grip. I can not say how much I loved working with him, and hope to take another class in the near future.


January 2022

I had the opportunity this past weekend to train a full day with Coach Glen Wong.  I had shot in 9-10 USPSA competitions leading into this day and had typically always finished in the bottom 20% of participants.  Glen has an innate (and FUN) ability to communicate complex technical motions into simplified, relatable, and easily applicable motions, and I found myself able to execute on multiple aspects of competitive shooting, that quite honestly, I did not believe that I was capable of.  Another aspect to his coaching that I loved is that he works with you on the physical aspect of competition shooting, but also details and stresses the mental aspect that needs to be applied to each shot, movement, and position.  I firmly believe this is nothing short of a masterclass in competition shooting and I can honestly say that I felt like a completely different shooter by the end of the day.  So much so, that I have also officially changed my personal goal of breaking out of D class into C class, to now focusing on making it into B class by the end of the year!  So whether you're a GM, A Class, or D Class shooter (like me), Glen will 100% take your shooting to the next level and I can not recommend him enough!

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August 2022

Did my second shooting session with Glen in June and loved every second.  He is extremely thorough and professional and a ton of fun.  For everyone out there that thinks they are a good shooter but have never taken private lessons, think again.  I cannot wait to have a rifle session and follow up pistol training. Thanks Glen !!

Jackie and Glen - Shaka - 21FEB2023.HEIC

April 2023

Glen Wong’s ‘Shoot Mo Betta’ approach/method is smart, creative and for darn sure empowering and…, he has the credentials to back it up in coaching and shooting. His practiced eye sees what needs to be seen (whatever your level) and Glen makes your shooting all the Mo Betta, very fast.  His Personalized Performance Coaching program is what it says it is:  Individualized Performance Coaching.  One on one.  Developed for you individually setting it apart from the group-think classes and the one-size-fits-all type coaching. In my case, Glen saw what I (as a more novice-type student) needed most and he designed a blueprint just for me to get there as quick as possible.  I wanted to shoot USPSA and Steel Challenge, but had never even been in a match.  

    So, after a couple of lessons, Glen turned me into a Mo Betta shooter, ready to go to my first match.  Now, just a few matches since I’m on my way.  Hard to believe, because it certainly would not have happened without Glen.  And, if he’s at the match he watches and gives sideline advice and/or addresses what went well and incorporates what needs work or ‘tuning’ into the next lesson.  My results came in very short order.  I am not done with Glen’s training yet either, and I’m really looking forward to advancing more, because you actually do aggressively advance after each lesson.  Inside baseball:  Glen gave me at each lesson, at least one (generally several) instruction(s)/drill(s), that were worth what it cost for the entire lesson!

    For me, his Personalized Performance Coaching was and is time and money exceedingly well spent.  If you want to get into shooting or go to matches, he’s your man, that’s my testimony.

    Lastly, Glen is a great new friend to have in the shooting sports industry.  If you want to get better fast and have a zeroed-in individualized road map, get with Glen. He’s a bulls-eye! Then all you have to do is practice, practice, practice using your individualized handout from the lesson.  Thank you coach Glen.  With Warm Regards, Jackie Evans

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March 2023

I have just finished my second training session with Glen at Shoot Mo Betta!  I’m so pleased to be able to say I just completed another training session after having a full-day session with him a year ago.  

I love that Glen has an innate ability to analyze all aspects of my shooting game and then zero in on the root cause.  It's easy enough for anyone to shout out instructions and tell you to move your hand here or there, but Glen's abilities go well beyond that.  Personally, I had no idea why certain shots were great while others weren't, and my performance in matches was always up and down.  Glen worked with me to understand my actual thought process going into specific positions, shots, and movements, which helped me improve my PMT.  

I know I'm a better shooter every time I work with Glen, but coming out of this training, I know I am a much better COMPETITOR.  

Thank you, Glen!  You are the best of the best!  

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March 2023

Getting personal coaching from Glen Wong at “Shoot Mo Betta” has improved my mental and physical shooting skills for practical shooting. 
Glen’s coaching style, knowledge and skill are second to none.

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May 2023

Glen, thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to learn and improve my skills, your Shoot Mo Betta program is exactly what I needed! After spending over ten years in the shooting sports, I finally feel like I’m front sight focused in a very successful direction! The information you provided in your class was spot on, making it easy to see how and why these techniques are easily going to help me shoot mo betta. The information and skills provided are very easy to implement into my shooting style and your absolute amazing teaching method made it one of the funnest training classes I’ve ever attended, (I’ve been to more then a few). You know you are really buying into it and enjoying it when the hours go by like minutes and you’re sad to see your time come to an end. 

I look forward to applying what I learned in our session and can already see the improvement in the very first match I shot since the class! 

Thank you again for sharing your secrets to success on the range and I’m proud to be part of the Shoot Mo Betta family!

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“Getting personalized training from Glen has been an absolute game changer for me! Having been shooting competitions for 8 years, I felt that I had a decent handle on it but really struggled to find the things that would make me more competitive. Speed is something that doesn’t come naturally for me.

 While working with Glen, we tweaked my fundamentals to improve my recoil control, then got to work on everything that gives that competitive edge we all strive for! 

 Glen is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He understands that people learn in different ways and he is a master of explaining things in a way you’ll understand.

 Many things clicked for me during this training session and I was able to immediately apply them to my next match, shaving off SO much time and getting a much higher percentage than usual! 

I HIGHLY recommend training with Glen if you want to “Shoot Mo Better”! !”


Thank you again!


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I thought i have alot of my shooting foundation, grip, stance basically the fundamentals down…… NOPE and after just one session with GLEN WONG of @shootmobetta i am finally on the right correct path of proper shooting!!!! I train and train and train but if your not training right and creating the correct neural pathways. Then basically its time to re brake the bone to let it heal right. I highly recommend anyone from brand new to Grand master to get ahold of this man for spectacular training 😃

Beau,Nicole,Glen .HEIC
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