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Berry's Manufacturing:  As a competitive shooter that shoots a lot of rounds in training and matches, it is important that I have bullets that I can count on at a great price.  Berry's provides several key factors in bullet selection:  accurate plated bullets, wide selection of weights/types/shapes, and all at a reasonable cost!  They are constantly developing new products for shooters. Berry's also manufactures other items that we need such as ammo boxes, tumblers and media separators.  Check them out at Don't forget to use my discount code:  GLEN10     #berrysmfg


Powder Valley Inc.:  Powder Valley provides much more than just gun powder.  They are also a source for bullets, primers, brass, ammo, ammo boxes, reloading equipment and more!  They are great people that provide awesome service!  Check them out at   #powdervalleyinc



ESS: ESS provides high quality full ballistic eye protection at a reasonable cost.  I use the Crossbow eye shields with the photo chromatic lenses.  I really like the clarity providing sharp edges on targets and the auto adjustment to the ambient light, critical for shooting. Check them out at    #esseyepro


House of Hearing:  Chris Bain is a competitive shooter that owns House of Hearing.  He provides electronic in-the-ear protection at a great price!  They are so comfortable I can wear them all day and feel absolutely no discomfort.  In the summer, no need to wear ear muffs that get sweaty!  Chris stands behind his products and provides excellent customer service.  Contact me for special pricing.  Check out Chris at

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Run and Gun Apparel - High quality product with great slogans that support our shooting sports and the 2A.  You will be happy with any product selected!  Check them out at


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As competitors, reliability of everything that we use in our sport is critical. HSL’s attention to detail produces a quality product that you can count on.  From the incoming brass inspection to the multiple quality control checks put in place, only ammo that meets a high threshold leaves the factory.  For a great price on a quality product you can count on to go bang each time, check out HSL Ammo at   #hslammo


TargetsUSA provides your standard steel targets like poppers and knockdowns.   They also offer innovative and very challenging targets like the Paddle Wheel, Six Shooter and Wheel of Misfortune.  For practice, I like to use the USPSA or IPSC targets which have different A zone plates so when hit generate a different sound.  Makes it much easier when practicing long distance shots, not having to use binoculars or walking down to inspect.  TargetsUSA is constantly developing new targets to challenge you.  Check out TargetsUSA to take your matches up to the next level, or for more efficient practice sessions.  Check them out at  #targetsusa



Red Hill Tactical makes great Kydex holsters.  They provide lots of holster design options, are excellent in quality and workmanship, and they look great!  I use them for USPSA and for multi-gun competition.   Also note that they are a one stop shop for many of your competition needs, including  belts, attachments, and eye protection.  Check them out at and use 10% discount code “shootmobetta”

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